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Go for Cobalt!

Do you think you'll love Cobalt microserver?
This is the first official world-wide users group made by people who love Cobalt micosesrver.
4th June 1998

Now we have Go for BlueQuartz! website for our Open Source Cobalt project. (July 2003)

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Reference Data




FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


Project/ To Do

  1. Exterior
  2. Interior
  3. RaQ Exterior and Interior
  4. Qube Photo Street.
  5. Try to make many colors Qube.
  6. Collect Request to Cobalt
  7. Challenge RAID on Qube (by Mr. Yachita of Mubit, in Japanese)
  8. Try pcmcia-cs.
  9. Try video board.
  10. Try serial interface.

Their own Cobalt microserver

(Please let us know if you are the owner of a Cobalt machine, or the member of another Cobalt users Group)
  1. * Qube 2700WG : Users Group,, Japan : 20 Aug 1998 update

  2. * Qube 2700J : Users Group,, Japan : 21 Aug 1998 update

  3. * Qube 2700WG : Shinzo Maruo,, Japan : 4 June 1998 update

  4. * Qube 2700WG : Hiroshi Nakanishi,, Japan : 24 June 1998 update

  5. * Qube 2700J : Tsuneo Jozen,, Japan : 7 July 1998 update

  6. * Qube 2700WG : Tomoyuki Fujii,, Japan : 10 July 1998 update

  7. * Qube 2700J : Masaru Hashimoto,, Japan : 21 July 1998 update

  8. * Qube 2700J : Atsushi Nakamura,, Japan : 4 Aug. 1998 update

  9. * Qube 2700J : Toshiyuki Kamada, :, Japan : 4 Sep. 1998 update

  10. * Qube 2700J : Tomoko Yoshida,, Japan : 23 Sep. 1998 update




We always want information about Cobalt. Please tell us how you are using the Qube and what other applications you can think of. We are especially waiting for new Cobalt microserver owners. Join our group as a member or start your own users group in your local area.

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