Software for Cobalt

It includes software information for Cobalt that is ported.


  1. VIO LinkBox
    You can regist FAX and email messages directry to web. Made by Vi Internet Operations. Cobalt Qube version is available. In Japanese, (April, 1999)
  2. DNEWS (News Server)
    NNTP news server by NetWin. Cobalt version is available. Information from Mr. Iobe. (April, 1999)
  3. NetTracker WWW log analysis software
    WWW access log analysis software by SANE SOLUTIONS. Cobalt version is available. (Nov, 1999)


  1. iOffice
    Multi feature groupware that has WebMail, BBS, resource reservation etc.. German and French version are also available. Original version is Japanese. Made by NEOJAPAN. (April, 1999)
  2. WebNote Clip
    A writable calender system that has the virtual meeting space or some. CGI based. You can use it as is on Cobalt.
    Information from Mr. Yamamoto ( (April, 1999)
  3. Cybozu
    Groupware that has scheduler, whereabouts, bulletin board, facilities scheduler etc.
    Office 2 for Cobalt was release 21 June. (June, 1999)
    Office 3 is not available for Cobalt yet. (Nov, 1999)
    Orrice 4 is now ready for Qube3/RaQ4! (Dec, 2001)
  4. CyberScheduler for Cobalt
    Groupware by envi.con KG English version software that was born in Germany. (Nov, 1999)
    Groupware by Linkcom INc. It works under Linux/Apache/PHP/PostgreSQL. Cobalt version is available. Ask it. (Feb, 2000) )
  6. INSUITE 99
    Knowledge Management software from Dream Arts Inc. RaQ3 version is available. Educational market version is also available. (July, 2000)


  1. WWW-Mail
    Webmail software that is available for Qube. Compatible with POP and SMTP access. IMAP is also ready. You can set the POP server specific.
    Information from Mr. Yamamoto. ( (April, 1999)
  2. Active! mail (WebMail)
    Webmail software. Cobalt version will release middle of June. (June, 1999)

Free software archive

This is the archive that we can succeed to install into Cobalt. It icludes source, binary and install note. If note is missing, it mean you can install it as is.
Software version may be not a recent because I am not a new version chaser.

So sorry, free software are archived in Japanese page. Please check that side.
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