Linux Conference 2000 Exhibition

1st December, 2000 in Kyoto JAPAN, Linux Conference 2000 Fall had been held. We, Cobalt Users Group hosted a special booth. We also had been exhibited a booth to 1998 and 1999 Linux Conference too.

At the day, We introduced Qube 3, Users Group special Silver Qube 3 strap, Sticker, T shirts, US Cobalt inc. Qube 3 T shirts and just 1U size UPS of GSEE. (and more!)

I hope you enjoy photos of that day.

The booth

We made Japanese classic decorated booth because Kyoto city is one of the best of historic and scenic city in Japan. (The bench with red carpet is the one of typical style of the tea ceremony in Japan.)
Our staff was playing the classic instrument "KOTO" for BGM of the hall.
a01.jpg a02.jpg a05.jpg d01.jpg d02.jpg the scene of making...

a39.jpg Just Finished.

b02.jpg a22.jpg KOTO performance.

a50.jpg a43.jpg a46.jpg b03.jpg b04.jpg a27.jpg a42.jpg a47.jpg a48.jpg
We showed Qube 3, Users Group goods, Cobalt inc. goods, and more... Photocopy of US Cobalt company's buildings, staffs and a stock. (An certificate but of course it is only the Xerox copy of the sample.)

a16.jpg Special silver Qube 3 strap is good accessory for OBI. (OBI is the belt of Japanese KIMONO.)

Guest visitors

a10.jpg Bruce Momjian and Tatsuo Ishii of PostgreSQL.
Bruce asked some questions about Qube product eagerly. "Is there any differences between normal PC?", "I place PC on the kitchen, is it good alternative?", etc. Users Group answered "It has no video interface" then he asked "hack?" :-) Yes, I answered you can.

a24.jpg Yukihiro Matsumoto of Ruby object oriented script language system.

a37.jpg Larry Wall of Perl.
Users Group asked him "Would you know about this instrument?", he said "Well.. I did not played yet". :-) He is gentleman.
a31.jpg b07.jpg Photo shooting time in the booth of O'REILLY.

a58.jpg Toru Miyahara, with Yukihiro Matsumoto.

KIMONO staff

a18.jpg a19.jpg a20.jpg a29.jpg a54.jpg a55.jpg KOTO and KIMONO
KOTO is one of traditional Japanese instrument. It has 13 strings. KIMONO is the native dress of Japan. Red one has middle sized sleeves. The green one has long hanging sleeves, we call it FURISODE. Both of them are formal dress for young lady.

a12.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg a15.jpg At SGI booth. AIBO was walking.
AIBO is robot dog pet developed by SONY. Why AIBO was there?

And more...

a52.jpg Our staff.

b13.jpg c01.jpg The closing party.
Users Group staffs, NTT DoCoMo guys (they donated books of Qube2, thanks) and Alphatech people (they donated silver Qube 3 strap, thanks a lot!).

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