The 5th Meeting in Osaka

We had the 5th Users Group meeting time in Nihonbashi of Osaka at 17 May 1999. Special guest was Mr. Richard from US. Cobaltnetworks inc.

It was monday evening but over 11 members had come. Thanks.


17 May 1999, Monday, from PM 6:30 till 7:30
Pineapple Company Internet Solution Place
4-11-7 N.D bldg 3rd floor, Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka city
(1st, 2nd floor is PC land ZOO.

We invited Mr. Richard from U.S. Cobalt Networks and Mr. Watanabe from Cobalt Japan KK. There were no special event but we discussed everything. Nice meeting.


Almost things cannot announce here. ;-) So sorry!

Please guess secret topics by following pics. Have fun!

Mr.Richard_1 Mr.Richard_2
Superb Japanese talking, Mr. Richard.

The scene of the meeting.

Mr. Richard (left) and Mr. Watanabe (right).

It was the time to say goodbye...

enkai_1 enkai_2 enkai_3 enkai_4 enkai_5 enkai_6 enkai_7

Something additons.
enkai_8 enkai_9 enkai_10

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