The 11th Meeting in Odaiba, JAPAN

The 11th Users Meeting was held at Cobalt Japan in Odaiba. on October 31th, 2000. Featuring new product, Qube3. At that day, Linux World Expo was also held in the same place, TFT. (TFT is one of big convension center near by Tokyo, JAPAN)

        Cobalt Users Group Meeting 11th in Odaiba, JAPAN

Hosted by:
       Cobalt Users Group (
        Tuesday, October 31th, 2000
        18:00 - 20:00
        Cobalt Japan office (Phone) 03-3599-0722
        Tokyo Fashion Town TFT 8F
  "The black RaQ3"
       Mr. Sakurai of NIHON SYSTEM HOUSE introduced about Adaptive
       Firewall product of Progressive Systems. It is RaQ3 based OEM
       product of Cobalt. Currently, Cobalt bought Progressive inc. 

       Mr. Mito of Fujitsu Techno System inctroduced his product,
       PathNavigator. It is fan-less x86 based small Linux server.
       Very interesting. Users Group asked him this session without
       any apointment. Just asked for it at the day. Thanks for
       cooperation. We like all micro servers.

  "The 3rd man"
       Mr. Shibuya of Cobalt Japan introduced Qube3. It is the first
       product of new generation of Cobalt micro servers. So impressive.

Please enjoy our photos.

In Osaka, pre-event

30th night, the day before of the 11th meeting, the pre-event was held in Osaka as a short session of mACademia event. mACademia is traditional Macintosh users event in Osaka, Japan.
a022.jpg a023.jpg a024.jpg a027.jpg a029.jpg a031.jpg

At the day

Over 25 people joined. Thanks.

The demo of Adaptive Firewall of Progressive Software, by Mr. Sakurai of NIHON SYSTEM HOUSE.

a075.jpg a074.jpg a077.jpg a078.jpg

a076.jpg So serious.

Path Navigator demo, by Mr. Mito of Fujitsu techno system.
a084.jpg a080.jpg a081.jpg a085.jpg a086.jpg a087.jpg a088.jpg a089.jpg a090.jpg a092.jpg a093.jpg
You can change the disk to flash memory drive. He disassembled it and explained all of parts. Thanks a lot.

a094.jpg At last, Mr. Asuka of 12C also introduced another small server.
a068.jpg a067.jpg They exhibited it to Linux World Expo.

Qube3 session.
a095.jpg a096.jpg a109.jpg
Yasuda of users group disassembled it and Mr. Shibuya of Cobalt Japan explained the GUI.

a097.jpg a098.jpg a099.jpg a100.jpg a101.jpg a102.jpg a103.jpg a104.jpg a105.jpg a106.jpg a107.jpg a108.jpg a110.jpg a112.jpg a113.jpg a115.jpg a116.jpg a118.jpg a120.jpg a121.jpg

To all members, thanks for joining us.
a122.jpg Members photo. After taking this, we all withdrew quickly.

a123.jpg After the session, guys assembled Qube3 back. So sorry too disassemble!

Linux World Expo

Linux World Expo was held on the same place.
a207.jpg Mr. Maruhashi of Stormix. Stormix also exhibited a booth.

a215.jpg Mr. Mori and Ms. Yaginuma of WildLab. They developed LAMB. And Mr. Sueyasu who is the editor of the magazine, NIKKEI Linux.

a221.jpg a064.jpg PathNavigator.

a038.jpg a039.jpg a040.jpg Linux watch of IBM.

a041.jpg a042.jpg a044.jpg a045.jpg a046.jpg
1U server of Northern Lights. It has 2 hair dryer style fans for cooling. So they made a progress from the last model.

a048.jpg Silver Neon of Aquarium. It is another small server based on PC compatible hardware.

a050.jpg a051.jpg IA-64 big server of NEC.

a052.jpg a053.jpg a054.jpg a055.jpg Handy type client. We need a client appliance?

a056.jpg a057.jpg IA-64 server of Hitachi. They said it is compact model because it only use 10U space. Is it compact?

a058.jpg Digital Design and DEHENKEN. DEHENKEN developed a software that can extract text information from Microsoft Word document.

a059.jpg a060.jpg a061.jpg a062.jpg a063.jpg
Another 1U server of VA Linux. It also has 2 hair dryer style fans inside. They also make a progress from the last model of them.

a065.jpg Crusoe note of Fujitsu.

a069.jpg SGI 1200L.

a070.jpg Lance booth. Lance is the one of all in one appliance type server developer in Japan.

a071.jpg GK-21 will be change their model to new one. (2 machines of the bottom of the lack.)


a036.jpg a037.jpg How many differencies could you find?

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