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This is the archive that we know the solution case study for Cobalt. Some cases may be not the recent info.
Now, Cobalt Netoworks web page also includes so many solutions.

Specific Applications

  1. Internet Resident Reservation System.
    Hotel reservation registrating system for Cobalt Qube. Made by HANKYU NetNavi. In Japanese. (March, 1999)
  2. Medweb DICOM Cube
    DICOM (Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine) compatible system by MedWeb that use Cobalt. It may be first OEM products. (April, 1999)
  3. MM QUBE
    VALUE-MAIL server appliance solution by NTT DoCoMo. DoCoMo is the number one mobile phone provider in Japan and VALUE-MAIL is the email exchange system between Internet and their mobile phone in 10 cent per message.(December, 1999)
    DoCoMo released 2nd generation product "MM QUBE2" that is based on Qube3. (May, 2001)
  4. WAPGate
    WAP gateway software from Orangesoft. It is available for RaQ3. (April, 2000)
  5. Anti Virus for Cobalt
    Virus detection mail server from GIDEON inc. Qube3 compatible. The detection engine is based on SAV Linux of F-SECURE inc. (June, 2001)
  6. Sun Cobalt with ME
    Realtime iMode contents converter for WAP and various type of mobile terminals. (September, 2001)


  1. Phoenix adaptive firewall appliance
    RaQ2 based Firewall system by Progressive Systems. It is also OEM. (Nov, 1999)
    Now Qube2 version is available. PDF catalog (520KB) (Feb, 2000)
  2. Firewall+
    Firewall appliance from NETMAN Inc.
    (September, 2001)
  3. VelociRaptro
    Firewall appliance from SYMANTEC.
    Initialy it was developed by Axent Inc. but the company was aquired by Symantec then the product also moved to Symantec now.
    (September, 2001)

Contents Filter

  1. i-Filter (Japanese edition)
    Digital Arts inc. developed an original contents filter. Business Edition is compatible with Qube3 and RaQ4. (Jan, 2001)


So sorry, so many solutions are archived in Japanese page. But all info is written in Japanese. Please let me know if you have some info about UPS with world wide availability.


  1. Traverse Technologies develop ISDN driver.

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