Cobalt Benchmark test results

This is the benchmark test results for who can not trust the performance of Cobalt microserver.

Hevay WWW Server Test

From August later to early November 1998, we did the heavy web site (500,000hits/day) performance test by 2700WGJ that was donated from NISSHO-Electronics for our users group activities.
10 Nov. 1998

BYTE Benchmark 3.1

byte-benchmarks3.1 results by Yoshinori Kumazawa (
27 June 1999


pgbench 1.1 PostgreSQL benchmark result by Mr. Shibuya (
11 October 1999

Qube3 CPU temperature monitoring

It is the result of monitoring of Qube3 CPU and air temperature by Mr. Konai (
1 October 2001
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