Lunch with Vivek in Tokyo

26th September 2001, We met Mr. Vivek Mehra who is the one of founder of Cobalt and Vice President and General Manager of Sun Cobalt Server Appliances.
We cannot miss him but there is no time to make something for fun. Therefore we have just met him and took a lunch.
We fully enjoyed tasteful dished and discussion. Thanks Vivek and see you!

a01.jpg We got a signature of Vivek because we will make HANKO, that is traditional stamp of Japan.

The place is Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo. So superior gorgeous Hotel it is. It is also the place where hosted Cobalt Japan Startup party in 1998.

a03.jpg b02.jpg b03.jpg

b04.jpg b05.jpg b06.jpg

Sun Cobalt Training 2001 Seminar

It was the day for the seminar "Sun Cobalt Training 2001". The program was follows;
  1. Introduction - Sun Cobalt abstract, the recent topics -
    Hiroshi Kitajima, The president of Cobalt Jpaan
  2. Sun Cobalt concept & future overview
    Vivek Mehra, Vice President & General Manager Sun Cobalt Server Appliances
  3. Case study #1. Fire Wall+
    Kenichi Mizutani, the president of Netman Inc.
  4. Case study #2. Mail Shooter
    Shinichi Saitoh, solution division, Hokkaido NEC software Inc.
  5. FCTO (Field Configure to Order)
    Masaki Tsuyuki, technical engineering division, Cobalt Japan.

Please enjoy photos.

a04.jpg a05.jpg a06.jpg

a08.jpg a09.jpg a10.jpg

a11.jpg a12.jpg So gorgeous!

b08.jpg It looks like the operation center of NASA.

a14.jpg Kitajima

a21.jpg b11.jpg a25.jpg Vivek

a32.jpg Tsuyuki

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