The 14th Meeting in Osaka, Japan

Team Cobalt Users Group with Cobalt Jackets.
We held the 14th meeting at the 31th January in Osaka. It was wonderful meeeting after a long absence in Kansai area.
This time, Sun support team staffs joined with us and they told the detail of new support program. It is very aggressive and reasonable program therefore it should be accepted by users and become popular soon.
And Yasuda reported about the last visiting to Cobalt office in US. How Cobalt changes after Sun? or not change? How about the new products? Of course he distributed some giveaways that had been presented by Cobalt company.

Cobalt Users Group Meeting 14th in Osaka.
       Cobalt Users Group (
       31 Jan 2002 (Thu) 18:00 - 20:00
       Sun Microsystems Osaka office
Admission fee:


"New Cobalt support program by Sun microsystems"
       by Watanabe, Takayama and Fukada of Sun Cobalt support team.

"US Cobalt visiting report" 
       by Yasuda, Cobalt Users Group.

Enjoy our photos;

Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Takayama and Mr. Fukada of Sun Support team.

Yasuda presented the last time visiting to US Cobalt. The scene of discussion and lottery. Dinner with all. Wow! Here is SKYY Vodka.

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