US Cobalt visiting report, Winter 2002.

At the delicious Mexican restrant, with Pat and Peder.
Jan. 2002, Yasuda and Tachibana visited to US Cobalt office. It was 3rd times visiting for Yasuda and the first time for Tachibana. We could meet again with Vivek, Gordon, Patrick, Glenn, Richard, Greg, Adrian, Will and more. And we have met with some new staffs.
It was the first time visiting for Yasuda after the buying by Sun. But we are so happy because so many staffs remain and push the development of the new product. Looks so nice.

Cobalt Headquarter

Cobalt Headquarter building. It is the same building before the Sun.
But now, it has the number of Sun buildings. #33 for the left building (it is the 3rd building for Cobalt company) and #32 for the right building (it is the 4th for Cobalt).

a10.jpg a11.jpg a12.jpg The gate. a18.jpg This is also the entrance gate of the right building.

a13.jpg The entrance logo and the plate had been changed to Sun.

a15.jpg RaQ HOTEL

a21.jpg a22.jpg a23.jpg a24.jpg We have presented Titan stamp to Vivek.

a25.jpg a26.jpg Oh, the Gateway OEM Qube2.

a16.jpg a17.jpg a19.jpg a20.jpg a27.jpg a14.jpg with guys.

Vivek, Richard, Greg, Peder, Pat, Gordon, Will, Glenn, Adrian and more. Thanks all!

We had been crused other places.

Think Outside

We interviewed to John Tang who is one of the key designer of Cobalt early products. We asked a lot of the design works for the first Qube.
Now he is working for STOW AWAY folding keyboard for Palm at the company "Think Outside".

a01.jpg a03.jpg