The 7th Meeting in Tokyo/JAPAN

The 7th Users Group Meeting had exhibited in Tokyo/JAPAN at 2 June 1999. It is the day of Linux World Expo in Yokohama.

        7th Cobalt Users Group Meeting in Ariake
        Cobalt Users Group (
    From 18:00 to 19:00, 29 September 1999.
    At Mitsubishi Denki office.

 A life with 1/12 Qube.
	Mr. Yasuda of Users Group
 A life with UPS.
	Mr. Tsuda of Denki Business System
	They made maicro UPS with open source driver software
 A life with RAID.
	Mr. Yachita of Mubit
	He packed RAID system in Qube body.

There are some photos at the event. I hope you enjoy.

a19.jpg Users Group welcome board on the entrance!

a20.jpg So serious meeting scene. Could you recognize the 'paper Qube' on the right side of the photo?

a21.jpg a23.jpg RAID disk on the Qube. So closely packed.

a24.jpg At the scene of after meeting party.

Linux World scene at the same day. So many developer exhivited small Linux server machine. And the rack mount style machine too.

a01.jpg One of Linus signed goods for auction.

a02.jpg PC/AT rack mount style server of NEC.

a03.jpg I found this small server. It has 2.5inch disk and has not cooling fan.

a04.jpg a05.jpg Penguin man with his tail.

a07.jpg a06.jpg The server machine of VA Linux

a08.jpg I fogot the developer name. One more small server.

a09.jpg a10.jpg LX Server of Lance Inc. I saw it this spring.

a11.jpg A Qube on SRA booth. Thanks Mr. Ishii.

a12.jpg Small server "white neon" and "blue grass" of Aquarium Inc.

I visited Coablt Japan office because it is the same building of the hall of Linux World Expo.

a14.jpg a13.jpg Mr. Kitajima's desk with the view.

a15.jpg a16.jpg a17.jpg a18.jpg Staff's space. So many devices...

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