The 12th Meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN

The 12th Users Meeting had been held at Tokyo, Pineapple office. Over 45 people gathered and discussed. How hot!

        Cobalt Users Group Meeting 12th in Tokyo, JAPAN

Hosted by:
       Cobalt Users Group (
        Tuesday, 27 February, 2001
        18:30 - 20:30
        Pineapple Company, Tokyo branch office.
        Web Building, 10-14, 2, Shibuya, Tokyo

  "How big, and how?"
       RaQ XTR is the first model of new Cobalt product series.
       We checked it all, from the exterior to the inside.

  "e@compo ET-NAS20G" Mr. Date, I-O DATA.
       e@compo is a NAS product that was developed by I-O DATA Inc.
       It has so many functions that includes file sharing, printer
       sharing and more, even dialup connection.

  "Ask it to Geoffery!"
       We invied Geoffery Mogilner who is the man of marketing for
       Qube 3, Cobalt US. We discussed so many things about Qube3.
       Mr. Tachibana who is the guy of Users Group showed his own
       "silent" modified Qube3 to him and made a request to him.
       Yes, Qube3 is too noisy for our home.
After the meeting, 16 guys had dinner together. From Cobalt, Mr. "T-J" Osuga and Geoffery joined. So happy dinner. See you again!

Please enjoy our photos.

RaQ XTR show

At the same day, in Tokyo, Cobalt Japan held the presentation for RaQ/XTR.

Developer's booth.

In this event, so many developers exhibited their booth. We found many Cobalt specialized applications and devices. Followings are photos of them. (a part of all.)


Alfatech and Kansai-Chikudenchi




NIPPON System House

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