47th mACademia Presentation

16 Nov. 1998, The 47th mACademia event was exhibited in Osaka, JAPAN.
We got an hour for Cobalt presentation.

mACademia is one of the most classic Macintosh users meeting. Mr. Nakanishi who is the promoter of this event is also one of the staff of this Cobalt Users Group. Therefore we got an hour for Cobalt products presentation.
Well, audience trends are very interesting. Almost half people already knew about the news that HITACHI will ship BeOS pre-install machine. How nice audience.
I am glad to have a chance to present about Cobalt to these people.

Some Users Group member had come. See again!

The 2700 that was used for this presentation came from NISSHO electronics Osaka branch. Thanks a lot.

And photos of the day.
Photos were made by Ms. Kawasaki. Thanks!

The man who stand is Yasuda.

04.jpg 05.jpg
The man who help Yasuda is Nakauchi (Cobalt Users Group).

06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg
Very seriously. :-)

15.jpg 16.jpg
Well, RaQ comes from Pineapple Company. Of course we disassembled.

17.jpg 18.jpg
Next presenter Mr. Uoi. He talked about MacOS 8.5

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