Linux Conference 99 Exhibition

17 and 18 Dec. 1999 in Yokohama, Linux Conference 99 had been exhibited. We, Cobalt Users Group also hosted a special booth for this event. Yes, we had been hosted a booth for Linux Conference 98 at last year in Kyoto city. The booth of that time was special Kyoto booth. For this time, our booth was China specialized because Yokohama has big China town.

We had been displayed new RaQ3i and some. In Japan, RaQ3i was released just 2 days before. We distributed Users Group Special made tags to visitors and we also did survey for visitors. The statistic results of that survey will be uploaded this website. Just a moment.

Here are the scene of that 2 days. Please enjoy.

17 Dec, Vivek joined a panel discussion program of the conference. The panelists are guys who develops small Linux machine in Japan, Aquarium Computer, Lance and Linux factory. Great members.
a002_i.jpg Before session, Vivek with Mr. Kumakura of Aquarium computer.
t015_i.jpg t018_i.jpg Vivek with staffs.
a005_i.jpg a007_i.jpg Scene of the session.
a012_i.jpg Why Cobalt guys like Pilot?
a015_i.jpg After the session, we had lunch together. At the front of the restrant.

a003.jpg a096_i.jpg a004_i.jpg in preparation....

a022_i.jpg a024_i.jpg a027_i.jpg a028_i.jpg a029_i.jpg a030_i.jpg a026_i.jpg
This is our booth. Well, it is China taste.
We displayed RaQ3i and shining Qube. We also did a survey.

a039_i.jpg a040_i.jpg a041_i.jpg That night was the day of yearend party of our users group.

a045_i.jpg She checked the user interface of RaQ3i.
a047_i.jpg Why iBook bus run here?
a053_i.jpg a056_i.jpg a060_i.jpg a061_i.jpg a063_i.jpg a085_i.jpg
We got a hearing from Korian netcast news organization, CHATV.

a064_i.jpg a075_i.jpg a076_i.jpg a057_i.jpg The scene of the hall.

a078_i.jpg a081_i.jpg Mr. Miyahara versus China dress lady with their own costumes.

a083_i.jpg a084_i.jpg a088_i.jpg Bromids.

a090_i.jpg a091_i.jpg with Kondara Linux members.
a032_i.jpg with Jeremy Allison of Samba Development Team and Turbo Linux guy.
a044_i.jpg with Miyahara-san of Oracle.
a052_i.jpg with Okada-san of Linux Associates.
a058_i.jpg a059_i.jpg with Yoshida-san.

a101_i.jpg After the conference, with all staffs. Thanks a lot!

Here is photo memories by Mr. Tachibana
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