The Second Meeting in Osaka

We invited Mr. Yamamoto from NISSHO Electronics as special guest of the day. The 2nd users meeting done at 25 July 1998 at ten6 d'Box in Osaka.

Total member is 25 person and it is suitable size. We forgot to make the name list, sorry.

Program is;

  1. Self introduction time.
  2. "The brief feature of Coba-Q" by Mr. Yasuda, users group.
  3. "The new product Cache Qube comes in Kansai" by Mr. Yamamoto, NISSHO electronics.
    It included about RaQ. This time, Mr. Yamamoto took Cache Qube into our session. Of course we assembled first and checked whole things.(!)
    They said "the next time, please bring the RaQ too!".
  4. "Security hole scan of Qube by ISS" by Mr. Tsutsumi, KOBERCO system
    Mr. Tsutsumi is also core member of users group. This time, he checked Cache Qube security hole at the event hall. But ISS not reported any bad point. Good.

And this time, NISSHO Electronics made special Qube telephone card and these are presented all people who comes. Thanks a lot!

Here are memorial photos. Could you feel?

New products, Cache Qube.
cache1.jpg cache2.jpg cache3.jpg cache4.jpg cache5.jpg

The shots of hole.
meeting1.jpg meeting2.jpg meeting3.jpg tomo.jpg

Telephone card.
teleca1.jpg teleca2.jpg

Three Qubes shot for memories.
trio1.jpg trio2.jpg trio3.jpg trio4.jpg

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