Visiting Cobalt, 2003

At the Sun Office Cafe. From left, Itoh, Yasuda, Gordon, Nonoshita and Chise.
Yasuda, Itoh, Nonoshita and Chise had visited to Cobalt Office at January 2003. We met Gordon, Patrick and Ohmi-san again then cruising Cobalt Office in the Sun building.

Cobalt Office

Now, Cobalt staffs has their office room in Sun buildings of Menlo Park. Actually, they are distributed in several buildnigs but anyway I visited to MPK12 building. New environment looks so hard to work...
Wow! I forgot to take photo with Pat and Ohmi-san!!!

a21.jpg I have met with Ohmi-san again. What a long miss you!

a24.jpg a22.jpg Lot of sunshine. Good.

a25.jpg Okay, let us start from Sun Store to buy something to bring back to U.G. event.

a26.jpg a27.jpg Taking photo with strange Sushi of the Cafe. Like a gum.

a23.jpg What is this grotesque object? Golden fish but made by Stone...


Let's go arround!

a33.jpg a01.jpg
Gordon's office room. But this building has "flex office" system. Staff reserve a room week by week temporarily. Sun Ray1 terminal placed each room and every corner of the pathway. Maybe manager think employees can work with Ray1 and their own note PC. Whmmmm. I guess some sales staff can do but it is not for engineers...

a12.jpg Oh, personal lockers are. Looks like a school?

a34.jpg Then... Gordon's jadgement is....

a03.jpg a04.jpg a28.jpg a30.jpg
There are a lot of Cobalt things or something hobby tool arround public space or parmanent workspace. Yeah, that is.

a08.jpg Oh! I have never seen this!

a05.jpg a06.jpg a07.jpg a29.jpg "Cobalt stamp Sandals". How nice! Good taste!

a02.jpg Spare parts?


a32.jpg a09.jpg a10.jpg a31.jpg a36.jpg a37.jpg a38.jpg
RaQ hotel is still operating. Thank you, Gordon!

a11.jpg Duck stickers show "setup completed".


Yasuda and Itoh met again with Vivek at his house. Vivek leaved from Sun/Cobalt at the late last year.

a14.jpg Let us go to the Vivek house on the hill!

a18.jpg a20.jpg
Vivek was fine. We have delicious indian lunch and talked about a lot of things. Peacefull home with family. So good. He spent 6 years for Cobalt. Thank you. Thank you very much!

a19.jpg His dog, Bubble like to play with ball.

a15.jpg a16.jpg a17.jpg A RaQ block by Goldman, Sachs & Co.


a35.jpg a39.jpg

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