16th Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

We held the 16th meeting in Tokyo cause Patrick Kelly of US / Sun Cobalt came to Japan. It was so suddenly announce, arround 15 people gathered and enjoyed the meeting. Thanks guys.

        Cobalt Users Group Meeting 16th in Tokyo

       Cobalt Users Group (usersgroup@cobaltqube.org)
       21th, Nov. 2002, 19:00 to 21:00
       Sun Microsystems Tokyo headquarter
Admission fee:


   From US Sun/Cobalt, Patrick Kelly had joined and talked with us.
   Thanks a lot, Pat!

 "Nagano Conference Report"    Mr. Itoh of Users Group.

    The last 3 days conference had been closed in very successfull
    and excitingfull. Itoh-san reported it with the report of cashflow.

 "RaQ550 SSL gateway"    Mr. Yachita of Mubit Inc.

    He build up a SSL gateway software for RaQ550. It is not only easy 
    to use, but also has the availability about the SSL accelerator
    PCI card. The real appliance is.

Enjoy photos.

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