The 10th Meeting in Odaiba, JAPAN

The 10th Users Meeting was held at Cobalt Japan in Odaiba. on June 8th, 2000. We welcome U.S. Cobalt CEO, Mr. Stephen Dewitt as a special guest.

        Cobalt Users Group Meeting 10th in Odaiba, Tokyo, JAPAN.

	CEO, Stephen Dewitt will visit Japan.
	We welcome his as a special guest.

Hosted by:
       Cobalt Users Group (
	Thursday, June 8th, 2000
	11:00am - 13:00pm.
	Cobalt Japan office (Phone) 03-3599-0722
	Tokyo Fashion Town TFT 8F
    "The Second Anniversary of Cobalt Users Group"
	The CEO of U.S. Cobalt, Stephen Dewitt, joined with us.
	It's been two years since we met Desa and the Users Group was

	We celebrated the second anniversary with a small buffet.

On the same day, Network + Interop was held in Makuhari.

Please enjoy our photos at the day.

a01.jpg a02.jpg c05.jpg The party was held at Cobalt Japan office. Grand and has a nice view.

a03.jpg Users Group special glass to Stephen. For the memories of the day.

a04.jpg Three shot of Stephen, me and penguin.

a09.jpg a10.jpg Mr. Matsuda presented his special made kite to Stepen.

a15.jpg a22.jpg New serial board for Qube2/Ra3 from Mr Yamawaki of Koga Denshi.

a16.jpg a17.jpg a23.jpg a24.jpg Mr. Zeniya showed their new product. Just RaQ size UPS.

a05.jpg a06.jpg a07.jpg a08.jpg a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg c03.jpg a19.jpg a20.jpg a21.jpg

a28.jpg Cobalt Japan sponsored lunch. Yammmmm.

a25.jpg a26.jpg a27.jpg a29.jpg c04.jpg Eating and Talking....

a18.jpg New cup. Great present from Cobalt. c02.jpg Mr. Suzuki got it. Congraturations.

a30.jpg a31.jpg c01.jpg The gift lottery by rock-scissors-paper game.
There are so many gifts from all. A watch and a cup from Cobalt, WAPGate / iModeGate licenses from Oragesoft, Active!Mail 100 users license from Transware, The kite from Mr. Matsuda and clocks from ADAMNET.

Networld + Interop exhibition in Makuhari, same day.

b31.jpg b32.jpg 2 RaQs in NOC at the side of entrance of the convention hall.

b01.jpg Cobalts in the booth of NISSHO electronics. They showed many RaQs too.

b02.jpg Qube2 in NEOJAPAN booth.

b50.jpg I found 2 RaQs in WORLDCOM booth. A guy of the designer of this POD, Mr. Hubner is also Cobalt enthusiast.

b33.jpg b34.jpg Networl Engine's 1U server. It displayed in NETSCREEN booth as their product "WebEngine".
They said the next version has LCD panel on the front. Like RaQ.
IBM use this machine as their "Netfinity 4000R" too. 1U server of VA Linux is also OEM of this machine.

b15.jpg In these days, Intel booth is very important.

b38.jpg b39.jpg Equalizer has load balancing and failover feature in cheep. Is this a hit of this year's show?

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