Users Group special Silver Strap

We made the silver Qube 3 strap. It is our pleasure that we could make a Qube3 goods for it's release.
It is not a plating or a painting, the real silver Qube3. We limited the development for 200.
It is presented by Alfatech inc. and GSEE inc.. Thanks a lot.

silverq2.jpg silverq6.jpg silverq3.jpg You can fit it to your cell phone like this.

This strap project manager is Mr. "1/12 project" Kawaguchi. Thank you so much. He made a mold by himself, by handmaking therefore we could order the duplicating development to a jewelry shop.
It is real masterpiece.

silverq4.jpg This is the mold prototype.

silverq5.jpg Penguin also loves it.

December 2000

It is an example case of remodeling to drop earrings.



June 2002

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