The 3rd Meeting in Osaka

The 3rd Cobalt users meeting was held at ten6 d'Box in OSAKA 12 Jan. 1998, with special guest, Mr.Yasumoto and Mr.Yamamoto from Nissho Electronics Inc.

We had 25 members gathered in spite of Tuesday afternoon.


  1. Introduction of members.
  2. Presentation of New Product by Mr.Yasumoto from Nissho Electronics.
    He brought Qube2800 beta version which is not in market yet. (at this time) We took it apart and gazed. I notice that there are some improvement but I can't write because details are secret.
  3. Reporting of visit to Cobalt Micro by Mr. Nakanishi of The Sense of Wonder.
    Mr. Nakanishi shared experience about visit Cobalt Networks Inc. with Mr. Kawasaki, Mr.Sasaki and Mr. Maruo.
  4. Let's eat SPAM!
    We ate SPAM which was brought by Mr.Ishida.
    Taste was...well, it was not good for me...maybe good snack for beer.
I was so glad that I could meet members who know well on mailing list, especially people who came from far. (Mr. Shibuya came from Hiroshima! Hiroshima is the city where is over 100Km east from Osaka.)
Also, Mr. Ohshita who is very famous within the cobalt users introduce new plan. We are able to have very good time.
Mr. Nakanishi brought three posters for us. Thank you very much! From next time, I will prepare something more for the members.

New feature about Qube2800(Qube2)

  1. Serial port. (ready for UPS?)
  2. 2 Ethernet ports.
  3. CPU upgraded to 250MHz.
  4. Harddrive capacity upgraded to 4G.
  5. 64 SIMM memory accceptable. (maybe)
  6. Brackets to hod the motherboard.
  7. Power cable does not fall out anymore.
See detail on

For those members who could not to attend the meeting, Please enjoy pictures below.
(photo by Ms. Hirano from Xaxon. Thank you.)

all0.jpg all1.jpg all2.jpg
The scene of the meeting room.

qube2.jpg This is Qube2.
Can you see the 2 NIC chips?

spam.jpg spam2.jpg SPAM can.

candybox.jpg Cobalt Networks entrance. See the candy box. It is a Qube case!


lastmiss.jpg This one is miss shot.

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