Visit to Cobalt in 2000

November 2000, Yasuda and Matsuura of Cobalt Users Group had been visited to US Cobalt Networks Inc. then met Desa, Richard, Vivek, Glenn and some. It was just Qube3 has released and we can met many new guys. They were also developing new products. Just wait for unveil it!

The entrance of Cobalt Networks.

a012.jpg a015.jpg a016.jpg a017.jpg a050.jpg Welcome to Cobalt!

a047.jpg a048.jpg The entrance of the 2nd building of Cobalt.

a019.jpg a051.jpg The server room of The odd eyes Qube was still there.

Guys of Cobalt.

a026.jpg a027.jpg a028.jpg a038.jpg Glenn Henriquez and Jim Britton. Hardware engineer.

a072.jpg Stephen DeWitt (CEO). in front of his new Jaguar.

a092.jpg a094.jpg Vivek Mehra (Chief technical officer and Co-founder) in front of Qube3.

Fun stuff.

a014.jpg See the number plate of the blue beatle. Who's?

a018.jpg Borg Qube.

a054.jpg a055.jpg a057.jpg The bell of Cobalt. Don't break it, Pat!

a040.jpg The RaQ but smashed under by UPS truck.

a091.jpg a097.jpg The same time, ISPCON was held in San Jose. Cobalt exhibited a booth.

a141.jpg VerociRaptor add in magazine. It is the firewall appliance based on RaQ.

When Yasuda arrived US, he got a severe cold theforefore he did not move enough. So unfortunately... But Cobalt people were so kindfull for us, especially Patrick Kelly. Thanks a lot.

We have got many Cobalt goods. Gordon also gave Qube cases to us. He said "Oh, this one is collector's item..". It is the common sence of us.

Users Group got a new Qube3 from Vivek later. It was used for writting an article for "Software Design", it is one of major Japanese computer magazine. Thank you very much for your support!

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