The 8th Meeting in Osaka/JAPAN

The 8th Users Group Meeting exhibited in Osaka/JAPAN at 26 Nov. 1999.

        8th Cobalt Users Group Meeting in Osaka
        Cobalt Users Group (
    From 18:30 to 20:30, 26 November 1999.
    At ten6/d'Box (

    "Walk arround Sillicon Valley" Yasuda of Users Group.
	He went to Sillicon Valley to visit to US Cobalt and more.
	It was the report of this tour with many photos.
    "Count your Lambs" Mr. Yamamoto Yasuhiro
	Wildlabo's LAMB ( is a diskless and
	very small Linux box. He introduced it. So small!
    "Dive into your Aquarium" Mr. Munechika
	Aquarium ( is also sells their
	small server. He is a president of that's users group.
    "See black RaQ on the night of Osaka" Mr. Koike
	Progressive Systems ( is
	released RaQ2 based firewall product. Perhaps, it was the day
	of first presents in Japan. He is one of fan of this product.

There are many photos of that day. Enjoy.

A session scence of the introduction of US Cobalt Networks by Yasuda.
He showed a board with staff signatures. The stacked Qubes were not real machine. It is paper Q. It was the first release day of it.
a08.jpg a09.jpg a10.jpg a11.jpg

A scence of the introduction of LAMB server machine by Mr. Yamamoto.
The micro PC/AT compatible machine that is made in Japan. It has AMD's 66MHz 486 compatible CPU that is packed to note PC DIMM size. The whole system board size is the same as 3.5 inch FD. It has 2 NICs and more in 2 layered boards. Well packed.
It has a flash memory disk for storage instead of the real hard drive. The interface of it is the compact flash memory disk compatible. When serious hard error occured, the pilot lamp will turn of/off as ...---... (SOS). Cool!
a12.jpg a23.jpg a15.jpg a20.jpg

A scene of the introduction of Aquarium Computer.
Aquarium Computer users also organized their users group. Mr. Munechika is a president of it. He made PowerPoint slides for that presentation. Whmmmm. We should learn.
a29.jpg a30.jpg

Phenix adaptive firewall appliance introduction by Mr. Koike. Probably it was the first promotion day in Japan.
The inside of it is the same as RaQ2 completely but software is modified. The LCD panel operation was also modified.
You can try the online demo throgh the product page.
a32.jpg a35.jpg a37.jpg

The gift lottely time. Some things were presented by Cobalt Networks, NEOJAPAN and Aquarium.
a42.jpg a43.jpg a44.jpg a45.jpg

The signature board with a Tux penguin from Cobalt company. Now, he lives by our User Group Web host machine ( as follows; This Qube also came from Cobalt U.S. one year ago, and Cobalt staffs signed their autograph on its enclosure. Well, they meet again over sea and they are happy and liveing comfortably.
a46.jpg a47.jpg a48.jpg a49.jpg

Another scenes of meeting room.
a01.jpg a02.jpg a03.jpg a04.jpg a05.jpg a06.jpg a07.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg a16.jpg a17.jpg a18.jpg a19.jpg a21.jpg a22.jpg a24.jpg a25.jpg a26.jpg a27.jpg a28.jpg a31.jpg a33.jpg a34.jpg a36.jpg a38.jpg a39.jpg a40.jpg a41.jpg

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