The 21th Meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN

Over 30 people gathered. How nice!
The 27th of February 2004, we had hosted the 21th meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN at the meeting room of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

        Cobalt Users Group Meeting 21st in Tokyo
Hosted by
       Cobalt Users Group (
Time table
       19:00 to 21:00, 27th Feb. 2004
       The headquarter of Sun Microsystems, Inc.


  1. Visiting to Cobalt office, 2004. (by Y. Yasuda, Cobalt Usersg Group) [slides (in Japanese)]
    A brief report of January's visit to Cobalt team office and alsot a brief update of the progress of th project Blue Quartz.
  2. The porting situation and position of vendors.
    At least in Japan, some venders are porting open source Cobalt system to white PC as their new product. We invited some vendors as follows and ask a situation, position and more. Companies are;
    Classcat, Inc., Yasukawa Info system, Inc. and TurboLinux, Inc.

Enjoy our photos.

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