Cobalt Radio

The radio, in the period of Cobalt Networks.

radio01.jpg radio02.jpg

I never know these things. Old treasure.
It should be a simple giveaways because the color is not match with Cobalt.

The color of Cobalt series is the one of the standard color of polycarbonate. Therefore Cobalt cannot have a copyright for their color but it is easy and inexpensive when they make some small giveaways.
Sun Microsystems Inc. use their own color for their company identity. Well, they cannot complete the color of their giveaways. I think Cobalt has a mind of the pure venture because they don't want to pay extra cost to so such things. Very good.
F.Y.I. A man who chose the color of Cobalt products is John Tang. He chose a standard color with the intention.

Photo cooperation: Yumiko-san, thanks!

Jan 2003.

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