The 18th meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN

The 30th of January, 2003. We had hosted the 18th meeting in Tokyo, in the office of Sun Microsystems.

        Cobalt Users Group Meeting 18th in Tokyo, JAPAN

       Cobalt Users Group (
       19:00-21:00, 30th January, 2003
       Sun Microsystems Tokyo headquarter
Admission fee:


       "US Cobalt visiting report" by Itoh and Yasuda
       In Jan. 2003 Itoh and Yasuda of Cobalt Users Group
       visited to US Cobalt office again.
       (See visiting report also.)

       Then We shared a lot of souvenir talks and things.

Enjoy photos.

* *

* *
We had talked about the scene of US Sun Microsystems company and Cobalt guys. The last fall, Cobalt office had been integrated to Sun buildings at Menlo Park. There are so different style from the recent years.

* *

* *
The time for sharing souvenirs. This time, there were some big goods such as trunk and flag.
The trank for specialized to move Qube3 demo set and the special RaQ 550 nylon attache case were donated from NISSHO electronics Inc. Thanks a lot!

* * A file with autographs of Gordon and Vivek. How nice! And so sweet old style "Cobalt NETWORKS" bag.

* * *

* *
Then we had dineer and drunk beer. Thanks!
After the dinner, some guys (including me!) continued to drunk beer till the 4 AM with Kitajima-san of Cobalt. Oh.... my....

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