Visit to Cobalt Networks

From 25 to 28 of October 1999, I, Yasuda of users group had been visited to Cobalt Networks in US. I could meet so many staffs then it was very happy days. They showed a lot of things includes early prototype products before Qube 2700. I am so glad to know about Cobalt things more because I am an enthusiast of Cobalt!
Thanks for your support everytime, Cobalt.

Scenes of Cobalt

a113.jpg The sign panel of Cobalt office. It emit light in the night.

a093.jpg Special Cobalt Hallowe'en pumpkin. (31 Oct. is the day of Hallowe'en day.)

a108.jpg a109.jpg So famous map with flags and the bell. Unfortunately, I have no chance to record the sound of the bell ringing.

a105.jpg a106.jpg a208.jpg The new product RaQ3. The last one has clear top panel for the checking of air flow.

a094.jpg a095.jpg a098.jpg a107.jpg a115.jpg a120.jpg a184.jpg Scenes of inside the building.

a102.jpg The early prototype machine. It has 2 CPU slots, SCSI, 10/100M Ether and serial. Well, it has a lot of things rather than Qube2.

a114.jpg The rear entrance of Cobalt company. Is it first unveiling?

a190.jpg With Vivek. a216.jpg With Glenn.

a191.jpg a193.jpg I explained Users Group activity and Japanese situation in Cobalt Lunch & Learn session.

It was so busy days but I could talk with so many staffs. Especialy, it was fortunate for me that I talked with core staffs of product development from Vivek. So many superior people develops new products. Cobalt will continue to release more new and good products more in future.

Scenes of ISPCON

I also went to ISPCON at 26. So many ISPs and IT companys exhibited their booth to the convension hall. Cobalt also made a special booth as you can see follows. The booth standed out because it was the big Qube case shape. You could see many Cobalt products on the many ISP and System Integrater's booth.
a129.jpg a166.jpg a167.jpg Special Cobalt booth. A large Qube.

a132.jpg With Mark Orr.

a131.jpg The top of RaQ3s is the firewall RaQ2. It was sold by Progressive Systems as OEM.

a133.jpg a134.jpg Posters. The last one described about T1/E1 and xDSL card for Qube. As you knoe, in US, xDSL is very popular.

There were so many visiters but not over capacity. Then I could discuss enough with company staffs of the booth. It was so nice.
Especialy in the booth of Cobalt, so many core staffs of the company from Mark Orr and more, standed and explained to visiters enthusiastically. I believe this mind is the prime motor to take advantages of Cobalat.

I found so many Cobalt products in many booths. They are not only a reseller but also ISPs and System Integrater. Cobalt is used for the solution of thir business. And there is no Qube, the almost case they use RaQ. (In Japan, Qube has the same share than RaQ. But I heard that RaQ share is so large than Qube in world wide. I don't know why.)
There were 1U/2U size servers exhiveted from many developers. RaQ still attracted a great deal of attention because it is so small. And the other thin size servers has no specialized management software like a Cobalt. Well, it was very impressive that they only provied a hardware.

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