Cobalt Users Group 17th Meeting in Osaka

24th Jan. 2003, We had hosted 17th meeting at ten6 d'Box in Osaka, Japan.
It was the joint event with the petit mACademia meeting. Audiences enjoyed the report of MacWorld San Fransisco 2003 too.

        17th Cobalt Users Group Meeting in Osaka
        Let's get togather Kansai guys! (ladies too!)
Hosted by:
       Cobalt Users Group (

Limited for:
  Peple who loves Cobalt

Admission fee:
  100 Yen. (We need to pay the hall charge)


  from 24th Jan. 2003, 19:00-21:00
  at ten6/d'Box ( )

  "US Sun/Cobalt Report" by Yasuda of Cobalt Users Group.
      Yasuda and Itoh visited to US Cobalt office again.
      This time, the office had been moved to in Sun campus.
      We talked a lot of topics and shared some souvenirs.

We had a good Nepal curry dinner nearby the ten6 hall. Good taste!

Enjoy photos.

a01.jpg a02.jpg a03.jpg Sorry I forgot to ask to take photos while my session! These photos are the MacWorld report by Ms. Nonoshita.

a05.jpg Same situation. Yes, Ms. Chice distributed some suvenirs to audiences. I forgot to ask to take photo when I distributed some Cobalt things!

a07.jpg a09.jpg a11.jpg a08.jpg Therefore, there are many dinner photos here. Ha ha ha...

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