The 4th Meeting in TOKYO

The 4th meeting was held in March 18 1999, with special guest, Mr.Kitajima from Cobalt Networks KK in Japan.


date:March 18,1999 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Place:Physics experiment room at Tokyo Denki University in Jimbo-cho.
Party after the meeting was held at restaurant Han in Kanda.
We had 27 members gathered, Thank you to all participant especially who came from far.
  1. Introduction of new products by Mr. Kitajima
    Mr. Kitajima from Cobalt Networks KK in Japan introduced new products which included Qube2, Raq2 already in the market in U.S and NASRaQ alpha version!

  2. Demonstration of SSL module by Mr. Shibuya
    Mr. Shibuya from Urban Net, core staff of users group, demonstrated original SSL module.

  3. Demonstration of UPS module by Mr. Yasumoto
    Mr. Yasumoto from Nissho Electronics Inc. demonstrated UPS module which is not released yet.
    APC Bkpro UPS can be connected for one RaQ. If power was off, The Qube which specify over the network also power off automatically.

  4. Demonstration of Watch Guard by Mr. Takeda
    Watch Guard was displayed at ADAMNET booth in Linux World Conference which was held same day. I asked Mr.Takeda to bring it to meeting.
    Watch Guard is firewall. This product is managed via web and the body is the same as PC/AT and Linux. But it use flash memory instead of disk then so it is safe when the power goes down. I hope this kind of product becomes more available in the market.
Thank you so much for Mr. Yamamoto who arrange the party after the meeting. Also, I deeply appreciate Prof. Matsuda with Tokyo Denki University who offer meeting place. I'd like to have talk with you again soon.
For people who could not see at this time, See you next event!

Pictures from meeting

For those members who could not to attend the meeting, Please enjoy pictures below. Photo by Mr. Matsuura, core staff of users group. Thank you!!
lwc.jpg The penguin man in the show booth of Linux World Conf.

kitajima.jpg Mr. Kitajima, Cobalt Networks Japan KK.

qube2.jpg Qube2. A lot of chips on the board. 2 NICs!

raq2.jpg RaQ2. 2nd disk is a master disk of secoundary IDE.

shibuya.jpg ssl1.jpg ssl2.jpg Mr. Shibuya demonstrated his SSL module.

yasumoto.jpg ups.jpg Mr. Yasumoto demonstrated UPS module.

takeda.jpg watchguard1.jpg watchguard2.jpg watchguard3.jpg Mr. Takeda explained about Watch Guard Firewall.

maruo.jpg Mr. Maruo of Users Group Staff explained about the last visiting to US CobaltNetworks office.

meet1.jpg meet2.jpg meet3.jpg meet4.jpg The scenes of meeting.

enkai1.jpg enkai2.jpg enkai3.jpg enkai4.jpg enkai5.jpg enkai6.jpg The party scene.

phone.jpg At the hotel. Why this public phone did not accept the pre-paid card for oversea call?

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