Interior view

baraq.jpg Loosely Qube 2700
All parts are constracted as clean modules. From the left top; Outer case, Inner chassis (you can see the disk drive and small fan), I/O board, CPU board and LCD console.
Outer case is half clear type.

The assembled view. The chassis size is almost the same as 3.5inch HD. You can see the PCI slot. Half size board will be able on it.

I/O board.
You can see the VIA's chip VP-1 and DEC's Ethernet chip 21041.

CPU board.
You can see the QuickLogic's PLA, CPU and Galileo's GT-64011. CPU is Quantum Effect Design RM5230 with 150MHz. This is MIPS R5000 compatible 64bit CPU. QED's press release is.

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