Cobalt special Digital Watch

Cobalt released a special digital watch at early 2000. At that time, they did a campaign to promote the new product, RaQ3.
"Buy 5 RaQ 3s between 2/15/2000 and 4/15/2000 and you will receive a coupon to purchase one Cobalt RaQ 3 of lesser or equal value at a 50% discount."
This watch was used as nice gifts for that promotion.

watch01.jpg watch02.jpg

Always, Cobalt design is very cool. Of course the backlight is blue. And the weekday mark on LCD panel is light green.

watch03.jpg watch04.jpg

The frame is plastic and the belt is urethane foam made.

watch05.jpg watch06.jpg

Yes, of course we have disassembled it too. There is a carved seal "CHINA MOVEMENT" on the rear of the case. But we could not make sure the logic board was made in CHINA. There is a big piezoelectric buzzer inside of the rear panel. It must be effective for an alarm. The battery is mounted on the logic board and it is a bit difficult to replace it. But it is relatively easy than Qube.

Feb. 2000

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