The 6th Meeting in Makuhari/JAPAN

The 6th Users Group Meeting had exhibited in Makuhari/JAPAN with Desa and Ohmi (both US. Cobalt) at 2 June 1999. It is the day of Networld+Interop. Yes, it is first anniversary of our Users Group.
It is so long one year. We met again at Makuhari. This time, Mr. Yoshikawa ( made the registration form. Thanks.
There are some photos at the event. I hope you enjoy.

p04.jpg N+I exhibition hall.

p06.jpg The RaQ rack on ADAMNET booth.

p08.jpg p09.jpg NISSHO Ele. booth.

p12.jpg p13.jpg p14.jpg Our Users Group special RaQ cake. How elaborate!

p16.jpg p18.jpg The scene of the event room.

p24.jpg Desa cut a RaQ ->  p25.jpg then fragment RaQ.

p28.jpg Roll up!

The time of party.
p29.jpg p30.jpg p31.jpg p33.jpg

p34.jpg Shibuya and Watanabe

It is the time to say good bye.
p36.jpg Yasumoto and Ohmi p38.jpg Kitajima, Yasuda and Ohmi

Interop and some related extra
p10.jpg Very strange software developer's booth. They sell business applications, such as account management. Funny?

p39.jpg Ethernet card for WindowsCE at Xircom booth. Tiny!

p40.jpg File server of YANO booth

p02.jpg p03.jpg NTT's IC card public phone. (In Japan, telephone card is simple magnetic prepaid card in usual.)

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