Exhibit to Linux West event in Osaka/JAPAN.

We Exhibited to Linux West event at 15 Sep. 1999 at ATG center in Osaka/JAPAN.

The day, we joined to NISSHO electronics inc. booth. Thanks a lot. Users Group displayed followings special goods to all visitors.
Followings are photos of the day. Enjoy.

a01.jpg The booth of NISSHO ele. You can see Ms. Hagiwara in the right side..

a02.jpg Thanks to Mr. Matsuura (Chiba branch), Mr. Kawaguchi and Ms. Hagiwara for the cooperation of our leaflets distribution. (Mr. Matsuura wore Users Group T shirts.)

a04.jpg In the other booth, Mr. Ishii of PostgreSQL users group was giving a lecture. He is also member of Cobalt Users Group.

a05.jpg A guy who stared at new lightning Q.

a06.jpg A big tapestry of the left side of the booth. So impressive.

a07.jpg In NTT booth, you could see a Whistle Interjet.

a08.jpg a09.jpg And you could see some special rack.

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