Cobalt Japan Startup Party in Tokyo, JAPAN


6 Oct. 1998, at Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo, Cobalt Networks Japan K.K. startup conference was open.
(in the picture, from upper leftside, Desa, Stephen, Nakauchi, Matsuura and Kitajima. From lower leftside, Yasuda, Tsutsumi and Maruo.)

The following Cobalt staffs gathered.
From users group, following people gathered again. Well, all member of 1st meeting gathered again.

And more people who is the member of users group had come. Especially, I was glad to see Mr. Sasaki, US branch staff of users group.
From upperleft, Sasaki, Nakauchi, Matsuura and Maruo. From lowerleft, Yasuda and Tsutsumi.

Presentation and Demonstration

Cobalt introduced about Cobalt Japan, new products Cache Qube and RaQ. And demonstration also done. The conference room was excellent. It was like NASA mission room because LCD display and microphone was build-into all tables.

stephen.jpg kitajima.jpg afterpresen.jpg

Reception Party

Followings are photos of the party scene. I hope you feel the atmosphere of the day.

Present from usersgroup

From usersgroup to Cobalt Inc, we gave Japanese traditional toy 'BIDORO'. BIDORO came from Portugal from 300 years ago. It is the glass artwork toy and sometime we call it as 'POPPEN'. Because when you blow it, it will make sound like POPPEN.

StephenBidoro.jpg YasuPresentStephen.jpg

Qube Cake

From usersgroup, we exhibited Qube shape cake for reception party. It was a beautifullymade confectionery. The shape and the size is excellent match.

MaruoQakeYasuStephen.jpg QakeBeforeCut.jpg QakeBeforeCut2.jpg OyakataYasuQake.jpg

After then, we cut it.

DesaQakeCut2.jpg DesaQakeCut.jpg KitajimaDesaQakeCut1.jpg KitajimaDesaQakeCut2.jpg StephenQakeCut1.jpg StephenQakeCut2.jpg KitajimaRichardAaronQake.jpg RichardAaronQakeCut2.jpg RichardAaronQakeCut.jpg AaronQakeCut.jpg

Therefore it was completely disassembled but...

QakeAfterCut1.jpg QakeAfterCut2.jpg

It was separated beautifully and putted on the desert dish after. Inside was a dried fruit cake and the taste is not so bad. :-)

QakeBeforeEat.jpg QUGEatingQake.jpg DesaYasuTsutumiEatingQake.jpg


Finally, we got a signature on square piece paper board.

StephenSign.jpg DesaSign.jpg AaronSign.jpg KitajimaSign.jpg RichardSign.jpg

VAIO Photo Parade

Please check it out too. Mr. Maruo tooks a tons of photos at the day. It is also includes the animated photos.
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