The 9th Meeting in Osaka/JAPAN

The 9th Users Group Meeting had exhibited in Osaka/JAPAN at 1st March, 2000.

        9th Cobalt Users Group Meeting in Osaka
        Cobalt Users Group (
    From 19:00 to 21:00, 1 March 2000.
    At ten6/d'Box (

    "Management Console"  by Mr. Tsuyuki of Cobalt Japan
	This is the software product that is able to manage
	many RaQ's by single operation.

    "UPS for RaQ3"  by Mr. Usami of Alfatech Inc.
	Alfatech released RaQ2 specialized UPS driver.
	This is the first presentation for their new RaQ3

    "Email by MM QUBE" by Mr. Iwasaki of NTT DoCoMo 
	MM QUBE is the OEM product of Qube2 by NTT DoCoMo.
	It can handle mobile phone email service by 10-Yen/message.

    "Direct connect to 128Kbps" by Mr. Yamawaki of Koga-Densi
	Koga Densi Inc. developed the PCI card for 128Kbps
	Internet connection line. This card is available for
	Qube2 now.

Followings are photos of the event. Please enjoy.

The scene of the hall.
a01.jpg a02.jpg a34.jpg a35.jpg a37.jpg a65.jpg a55.jpg a58.jpg

128Kbps serial card of Koga Electronics.
a04.jpg a07.jpg

UPS driver software of Alfatech.
a14.jpg a15.jpg a16.jpg a18.jpg a19.jpg a21.jpg a22.jpg a23.jpg a24.jpg a26.jpg

a42.jpg a43.jpg a46.jpg a50.jpg a52.jpg a54.jpg a60.jpg a61.jpg

Management Console software.
a66.jpg a67.jpg a68.jpg a70.jpg

We got SCSI cards from NISSHO electronics and caps from Cobalt Japan.
We got some other stuffs for presents to visitors. What a wonderful!
a11.jpg a12.jpg

Win the rock-scissors-paper to get them!
a72.jpg a76.jpg a78.jpg

Then we went to ethnic restrant together.
a86.jpg a87.jpg a89.jpg

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