Mr. Kitajima, comes to Kobe


7 Sep. 1998, Pineapple company at Kobe city, We met Mr. Kitajima who is the president of Cobalt Japan in near future.
He weared Cobalt embroidered shirts, we want it!

  1. Shinzo Maruo,
  2. Hirokazu Nakauchi,
  3. Yuko Sawada,
  4. Yutaka Yasuda,

Some information from Mr. Kitajima.

  1. Currently, Cobalt has only 45 or arround staff. We heard about 35 from Desa at June.
  2. If ISP build large server, the downtime risk is so heavy. Therefore Cobalt's distributed microservers solution is popular.
  3. RaQ will sell in September in Japan. Currently, several company is testing it.

I am very intarested in about the story of his approach to the education market. He call Ministroy Of Education direct first and met the person in charge. Nice prompt action!

Another else, we discussed about some novelty and memorial goods for Cobalt like beer glass with "C" logo. Shall we go?

We hope good relation with Cobalt Japan in future.

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