Users Group Stamp of Titan

Here is the users group special made HANKO stamp that is made by a metal of Titan. We made two HANKOs, one is "Vivek Mehra" autograph version. The seal image includes a signature of Vivek Mehara who is a vice president and a co founder of Cobalt.
You can see the scene when we got a signature of him Lunch with Vivek in Tokyo event.

The Japanese traditional HANKO stamp : The Japanese impress their seal upon a document instead of signing it. Almost grownups has their own special HANKO with all different seal pattern. Because it is the symbol of his certification. The company or some organization also has own HANKO if that organization is official and stand on their own feet. That is why we made "Users Group" version. And the other one, "Vivek" version is of course just a present to him.

Anyway we will use "Users Group" version HANKO as our certification from now.

stamp02.jpg stamp04.jpg stamp01.jpg

The seal pattern design was drown by Ms. Yuko who is in charge of all giveaways project of our users group. The side logo of Qube was by Mr. IKKI Fujiwara who is the member of our users group. Thanks guys.


Nov. 2001

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