Update History
30 Jan. 2003 We've hosted 18th meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN.
24 Jan. 2003 We've hosted 17th meeting in Osaka, JAPAN.
13 Jan. 2003 We've visited Cobalt Office of Sun campus.
21 Nov. 2002 We've hosted 16th meeting in Tokyo.
 1 Nov. 2002 We've added Sun/Cobalt and Users Group fans to Reference Data.
 5 Sep. 2002 We've hosted Cobalt Users Conference 2002 in Nagano.
 7 Jun. 2002 We've added Sun/Cobalt Strap to goods.
 7 Jun. 2002 Silver Q earring is developed for experimental.
31 May. 2002 We've held the 15th meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN. See event.
24 Mar. 2002 We've added Cobalt Bell info. There is Japanese Gong.
15 Feb. 2002 We've added Developers Network Kit, Notepad, Vitorinox knife.
13 Feb. 2002 We've visited to US Cobalt office.
31 Jan. 2002 We've held the 14th meeting in Osaka, JAPAN. See event.
21 Nov. 2001 We've add an Users Group stamp to goods.
 1 Oct. 2001 We've had a lunch with Vivek in Tokyo, JAPAN. See event.
30 Sep. 2001 We've hosted Users Conference in Nagano, JAPAN. See event.
30 Sep. 2001 We've added a lot of goods.
10 Sep. 2001 We've added Qube dolls by NEC Hokkaido, JAPAN to goods.
 9 Jun. 2001 We've added polo shirt, clear plate and RaQ bag to goods.
 6 Jun. 2001 We've held the 13th meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN. See event.
27 Feb. 2001 We've held the 12th meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN. See event.
18 Jan. 2001 We've published Cobalt Startup Story. See reference data.
12 Dec. 2000 We've made silver Qube 3 strap. See goods page.
 2 Dec. 2000 We've exhibited to Linux Conference 2000 in Kyoto, JAPAN.
 6 Nov. 2000 We've visited to US Cobalt Networks inc. See event page.
31 Oct. 2000 We've hosted 11th meeting in Odaiba, JAPAN. See event page.
27 Jul. 2000 We've added Cobalt goods (cap, pen and etc.) to reference.
23 Jul. 2000 We've added our special sticker info to reference.
18 Jul. 2000 We've added Malaysia Cobalt user activity to the events.
15 Jul. 2000 We've hosted extra meeting in Kyoto, JAPAN. See event pages.
 9 Jun. 2000 We've added 2nd anniversary party to the events.
23 May. 2000 We will be held 2nd anniversary party in Tokyo, JAPAN.
26 Apr. 2000 We've added Special digital watch to goods.
 7 Apr. 2000 We've added Qube shipment 2nd anniversary party to the events.
19 Mar. 2000 We've added the 9th meeting report to the events.
15 Jan. 2000 We've added the greeting card and the cup to the reference.
22 Dec. 1999 We've added Users Group TAG to the reference.
22 Dec. 1999 We've exhibited Linux Conference 99 in Yokohama, Japan.
 1 Dec. 1999 We've added a MM Qube of NTT DoCoMo party page.
28 Nov. 1999 We've exhibited 8th meeting in Osaka, Japan.
23 Nov. 1999 We've brushed up solutions and software collections.
17 Nov. 1999 We've added Paper Q to the reference.
 3 Nov. 1999 We've added the report of Cobalt visiting.
 7 Oct. 1999 We've added the scene of 7th user meeting in Tokyo.
18 Sep. 1999 We've added Mini-Q to the reference.
12 Jul. 1999 We've added the scene of 6.5th user meeting in Oasaka.
30 Jul. 1999 Cobalt release RaQ2 security patch.
 7 Jul. 1999 We've finished 6th meeting event page. So sorry too late.
16 Jun. 1999 We've added some goods to reference. Qube note, pen and T-shirts.
11 Jun. 1999 We've added a report of RAID on Qube by Mr. Yachita of Mubit.
 4 Jun. 1999 We've added a Qube ICONs to Reference Data.
17 Apr. 1999 We visited to Linux Magazine (ASCII press, JAPAN) editorial room.
 9 Apr. 1999 We've added a round and round Qube to Reference Data.
 8 Apr. 1999 We've added Cobalt Request Survey to Project.
 4 Apr. 1999 We've added Cobalt Tshirts to Reference Data.
20 Jan. 1999 Mr. Morita re-designs the cover page. Thanks.
20 Dec. 1998 We've added report of Linux Conference 1998.
 2 Dec. 1998 We've added the shinning Qube as a reference.
25 Nov. 1998 Softbank begins selling Cobalt products. See our links.
10 Nov. 1998 We've added the result of benchmark of Cobalt.
 9 Nov. 1998 We've added squishy Qube as the reference data.
 6 Oct. 1998 We had been invited the startup Party of Cobalt Japan.
25 Sep. 1998 We've added RaQ photos.
23 Sep. 1998 We appended Yoshida's Qube on the list.
 7 Sep. 1998 We meets Mr. Kitajima, Cobalt Japan.
21 Aug. 1998 NISSHO donated Qube page created.
20 Aug. 1998 Signed Qube came from Cobalt.
19 Aug. 1998 The 2nd meeting page appended.
 4 Aug. 1998 We append Mr. Nakamura's Qube.
28 July 1998 We start software archive project.
16 July 1998 We append the photo street page.
13 July 1998 We update the interior and exterior page.
10 July 1998 We append Tomo's Qube link.
 7 July 1998 We append Jozen's Qube link.
24 June 1998 We append Nakanishi's Qube photos.
12 June 1998 Title image was finished. Designed by Jun Mita. Thanks a lot!
11 June 1998 We demonstrated at 45th mACademia event at Osaka, JAPAN.
 4 June 1998 We organized the users group. Also started the page.

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