Visiting Cobalt, 2004

Thanks for all Cobalt guys we have met.
January of 2004, Yasuda and Itoh of Cobalt Users Group had visited to Cobalt Office in US. This time, we have met with staff of Cobalt team who made Cobalt management software to be an open source software.
And more, we got some important persons. So we have to appreceate to our luck while that trip.

Cobalt Office

With Daniel, Will and Kevin in Sun Office.
The place is the in company cafe of the center of MPK buildings at Network Circle.

They are all early age emplyees of Cobalt and still keep the relation with Cobalt. Now, Sun discontinued Cobalt business, therefore the MPK 12 building only has Cobalt Lab.
 Oh, hi hello Peder. It was incidental passing. So long absence each other.
Peder was a member of the marketing team of Cobalt then we had met in Japan several times. He also knew about our Open Source activities. How nice!
  We had have a very nice chinese dinner with them then we also tasted California beer. This picture is.
I guess "Thirsty Bear" likes beer. Maybe.
  Finally we have got Desa! so we have 3 years absence. But we have missed Patrick Kelly unfortunately, oh... we were very closely...
Desa is the key person who encouraged us to start up the users group. She was a member of the marketing team of Cobalt for APAC area sales, 1998. After she changed the area, even she moved to another division, we keep contact with her. Desa! Our users group that was incubated by you is still going on!

Here are some photos while we had been in US, some photos has no relation with Cobalt but we have met a various people. I hope you also enjoy these things too.

Departure and touch down to San Francisco.

 KIX, Kansai International Airport is available to connect the Net through WiFi - 802.11b - for free. Of course the desk has a power socket. Very convenient it is.
   San Francisco city. The first day was the *only* day has time of relief. After that, the timetable of mine was deadly full.

People who we have met.

 With Vivek, again. We had a pretty good dinner at the restrant near by Stanford University.
Vivek is a one of founder of Cobalt. He is so brilliant engineer therefore I continue to keep contact. Everytime we talked about a lot of tech things and I fully enjoyed it.
  I went around to MacWorld a little. I have met Mr. Kyle. How nice!
He is writing articles for several Japanese magazines. I am old fan of his statements.
 And we have met Mar Orr again in MacWorld expo hall incedentaly. How fantastic. Thanks Gordon for your help. Oh, I did not took a picture of Gordon in this time trip. Ummmm.
Mark Orr is also one of founder of Cobalt. Gordon is a friend since we have met first time at Cobalt office os US in 1999. Thanks Gordon everytime!
   Stephen is also a man who we have met this time. He is doing something at his new company Azul.
Stephen was long time CEO of Cobalt from the early stage to after the aquiring. He has a nice ornament of Cobalt age on his shelf.
  We have visited to Google.
This building is "Building e" but "Building 0" (zero) or pi (3.14159..) are also exist. So interesting. They likes some special numbers of mathematics?
I felt special atmosphere inside of the company, "I am at home". Oh, I want this big Google ball!
 Google is side of SGI.
They are moving to the big building that had been used by SGI after our visiting. You know, Google is growing up so quickly, current buildings are too small now.

Back to home.

 IBM ad. at the airport lobby. Their advertisement is mostly about service, not about their products. The service is the biggest source of income.
 ITM, Itami airport baggage claim lobby has the wall tap for the Net by wired. Of course it is free. So convenience again. (Actually it is better than Narita airport!)

Something funnies

 Something wrong Japanese was on this hotel's door tag...
 And there was a golf club shaft in the office room of Stephen. Hey Stephen, how do you use it? "When I have some trouble, I use this and strike it...spahnnn"... Oh, it is nice idea.

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