Heavy WWW Test of Cobalt

From August later to early November 1998, we did the heavy web site (500,000hits/day) performance test by 2700WGJ that was donated from NISSHO-Electronics for our users group activities.
At the first, it had only 16MB memory but this site is real heavy site then Qube sometime hung up. After we append more 16MB memory, Qube worked very stable.

The graph show the transfer bytes per hour. The vertical axis unit is MBytes/hour and 1Mbps mean about 472MB/hour.

Well, following graph is the traffic change from the start of this benchmark.

Don't misunderstand please. After we upgrade the memory, Qube show the following powerful avarage.

And more, following graph is the traffic by Bytes per 10 minits of 6 Oct. The total hits of the day is 476,913. 1Mbps mean about 78MB/10min. You can see the near 60MB/10min avarage in the following graph. And you can find that Qube makes 40MB/10min avarage over 30 minits too.

Okey, if you afraid about the performance of Qube, I recommend you should think after you have over 200MB/hour contents. This is my opinion about the web performance of Qube. Is it enough? or not?
(I guess the almost webmaster has not so large site. Even if you have it, it will be hard to find the hosting ISP for so much bps-crunch site. )

Contens collaboration: Siliconcafe Co. Mr. Morikawa (GTOOL)
Network collaboration: Mr. Usui and Pineapple Conmany CEO Mr. Maruo
Machine donation: NISSHO Electronics (Qube 2700WGJ 16M/2GB)
Analysis collaboration: Pineapple Conmany Mr. Nakauchi

10 Nov. 1998

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