VAIO Photo Parade

Mr. Maruo who is the core member of users group tooks a tons of photos by his new SONY VAIO PC. Would you know it? It is the brand new very-small PC with a digital camera.
Have fun!
Animated GIF version. [ #1 (2.4MB) ] [ #2 (1MB) ]

P000242F.jpg P000246F.jpg P000249F.jpg P000253F.jpg P000265F.jpg P000275F.jpg P000279F.jpg P000288F.jpg P000289F.jpg P000294F.jpg P000307F.jpg P000311F.jpg P000314F.jpg P000316F.jpg P000325F.jpg P000351F.jpg P000361F.jpg P000367F.jpg P000371F.jpg P000379F.jpg P000388F.jpg P000397F.jpg P000403F.jpg P000415F.jpg P000416F.jpg P000426F.jpg P000434F.jpg P000439F.jpg P000445F.jpg

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